Danube Folk Ensamble

Since its founding in 1957 the Danube Folk Ensemble grew to be one of the most popular professional groups of Hungary. The ensemble consists of 24 excellent dancers and 5 musicians. Their aim is performing genuine dances with dynamism and style, and the creation of innovative dance­ theatre pieces on these principles.

The Danube Folk Ensemble’s repertoire shows some true gems of Hungarian folk dance tradition, and the Hungarian folk music is faithfully interpreted by its musicians. Varied and broad, the repertoire provides for several complete unique concerts. The ensemble performs over one hundred times each year, including the weekly shows at the Duna Palota. Besides presenting its own repertoire, the ensemble has participated in various theatre productions.

The Danube Folk Ensemble is consistently included in the events of the Ministry of the Interior Affairs and at celebrations of National Holidays. These performances take place at the Parliament building or the Buda Castle, and are usually shown live on national television. In the last 20 years the ensemble performed in, Poland, Australia, England, France, at the Sevilla Expo, in Finland, Cuba, Italy, Romania, Switzerland and Austria.

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We have 3 different price categories for the Show, these categories are depending on the location of the seats in the theater.

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Hungarian Dance Rhapsody – as the title suggests – is a performance of free structure in which the different tones change each other and give impressions of the folk dances. The organising principle of the performance built of Reform Period dances and choreographies based on Bartók’s music is the presentation of the folk culture transferred into another context. Whilst in the Reform Period the folk dances had appeared in the ball dances, the authentic folkloric melodies reappeared in Bartók’s music.

List of choreographies:

Zsolt Juhász: Dances from Marossárpatak
Zoltán Farkas: Kállai duet
István Merczel: Dances with objects and couple dances from Somogy
Gábor Mihályi: Memories from a fair in Rábaköz
Gábor Mihályi: Women’s dances from Moldva
Zsolt Juhász: Dances from Küküllőmente
Bartók – Juhász – Mihályi: Violin duets
Zsolt Juhász: Sword dance
Gábor Mihályi: Jumping dance
Rózsavölgyi – Juhász: Hungarian round dance
Sebő – Juhász: Ball in the Reform Period

Each concert starts at 20:00 and consists of two 40-­45 minutes long parts with an intermission in between. We offer seats in three categories, the price of the seat depends on its location in the theatre hall. We always assing the best seats possible at the time of your purchase, if you do not have a specificly preferred seat in your chosen category.

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  • Meeting time is 19:30

Danube Palace

Every concert starts at 20.00 consisting of two 40-45 minutes long parts with an intermission in between, meeting time is 19:30.