Friday- and Saturday evening combined programs

Danube Palace


Long absent, soon forgotten – so goes a saying of old, proven to be incorrect in many instances. One of such is the issue of classic music, which thrives to this very day, showing its class and colors, varied in rotondious styles and manners.

With a repertoire covering musical styles like operetta, gipsy music and Hungarian related classic music, the Danube Symphony Orchestra leads the grandiose concerto, in cooperation with professional ballet dancers serving as confirmation to the fact that music and dance is inseparable. The program includes operetta songs performed by soloists of the world-famous Budapest Operetta Theatre. In addition to all, we took the opportunity to include two unique elements into the programme; well known evergreens on a traditional Hungarian folk instrument, the cimbalom and multiple solo performances! A special spectacle is guaranteed on the performance by one of Hungary’s famous young artists from the national Virtuosos Talent Show.

Did You Know?
The Cimbalom is a Hungarian folk instrument played primarily with beaters. It is equipped with a heavy frame for more dynamic power, with many added string courses resulting in an extended range of sound and also a damper pedal to allow more dynamic control. During the 19th century the cimbalom was considered the most distinguished music instrument in Hungary, aristocratic families had their children taught to play the cimbalom instead of the piano, the first Cimbalom School was opened in 1890. Henceforth plays of the era remained including the cimbalom as a primary instrument in many of them, making it unique and exclusively Hungarian.

The package includes the Folklore Performance on Friday and the Budapest Gala Concert on Saturday, bringing a completely different colour of our culture closer to you.  Each concert starts at 20:00 and consists of two 40-­45 minutes long parts with an intermission in between. We offer seats in three categories, the price of the seat depends on its location in the theatre hall. We always assign the best seats possible at the time of your purchase, if you do not have a specifically preferred seat in your chosen category.

VIP categoryI. categoryII. categoryIII. category
183 EUR72 EUR64 EUR52 EUR

We have 4 different price categories for the Show, these categories are depending on the location of the seats in the theater.

Assigned seating. You will be assigned the best seats available in the chosen category at the time of purchase.

VIP category – pick up drop off service, seats with the best view of the stage according to the theatre hall, a glass of champagne during intermission and a professional photo of you and your companions

We are now offering pick-up and drop-off services for our evening folklore shows!

Our chauffeur will take you directly to the concert hall, after the concert we’ll take you back to your accommodation.

We kindly ask you, to check in at your receptionist one hour prior to you concert start, to help us find you!

(check in from 19:00 o’clock – at the reception for the pick-up)

The performances are the mediators between the tradition of the nation and the guests; an opportunity to bring the Hungarian virtuose, the heritage and the love of art closer to visitors in 90 minutes.

The performers are the Hungarian State Folk Ensemble (since 1951), the Danube Folk Ensemble (since 1957) and the Rajkó Folk Ensemble and Orchestra  (since 1952), the three with the longest tradition. Through the performed dances the viewers gain broad insight into hungarian dance and music heritage with authentic costumes, also covering the traditions of former parts of the country.

  • Meeting time is 19:30 for both performances

Danube Palace