Gala Concert New Years Budapest

Celebrate the New Year in the style of the 19th century! Budapest shows its class on the 31st December with this unique program combination.

The program begins with a delicious 5 course gala dinner from a carefully selected menu composed for exclusively for this occasion. With a full palate, prepare for the highlight of the night in the form of the New Year’s Eve Gala Concert performed by one of the most famous Hungarian symphonic orchestras, professional ballet dancers, operetta singers and folk musicians. Enjoy the 1.5 hour long entertainment with a repertoire covering musical styles such as operetta, gipsy music and Hungarian classical music. Budapest’s very own Danube Symphony Orchestra headlines the grand spectacle. Starring professional ballet dancers and the city’s best operetta soloist, the performance also serves as a confirmation that music and dance is inseparable.

The night is complete with a classy standing reception in exclusive ballroom atmosphere for a multi-cultural audience. The reception includes open bar with unlimited drink consumption and traditional Hungarian New Year’s dinner to bring your luck for the next year.

The program takes place in one of Budapest Downtown’s most distinguished theatre buildings, the Danube Palace. Located just between the iconic Chain Bridge and the stunning Basilica, the Palace is part of the Budapest’s history. Built at the end of the 19th century, the building has a true time-travelling feel to it that further enhances the intimate atmosphere of this distinguished evening.

Experience the class and magnitude of royal Hungary and have yourself a New Year’s Eve for the ages!

Dress code: prepare for a suit & tie event!

Tickets are available separately, in 1 option:

  • Full night event (5 course gala dinner, 1st category concert seat, salon reception

19:00- Gala Dinner

As program starter, we would like to invite you to our Gala Dinner beginning at 19:00.

Do not worry about table reservations for New Year’s Eve. Enjoy a full service Gala Dinner in the beautiful ballroom of the Danube Palace! The Gala Dinner features a 5 course meal, selected and prepared exclusively for this event. Cold and warm appetizers will be on offer along with soups, main courses and desserts. To top it all up, a different glass of premium wine will be served for each course from a carefully selected assortment.

22:00 – Gala Concert

The Gala Concert starts at 22:00 in the theatre hall, preparing New Year’s celebration.

There is hardly a more pleasant way to greet the coming year than listening to some of the most amazing classical music from composers known worldwide in a prestigious theatre. In preparation for the New Year’s celebration, the Budapest Danube Orchestra leads the grandiose concert, in cooperation with professional ballet dancers, soloists of the world-renowned Budapest Operetta Theatre and Hungarian folk musicians.

00:00 –New Year’s Greeting

00:30 Standing Reception and Party after Midnight:

Clink glasses and celebrate after midnight on our standing reception. Celebrate the New Year in ballroom atmosphere with friends, family, loved ones, or join the great multicultural crowd. Having a great time together, exchanging stories and experiences with fellow travellers is a great way to set a delightful mood, and start a coming year, full of promises. Let loose and dance the night away for tunes of the 90’s on a themed party after the midnight toast. The amazing atmosphere is guaranteed by a talented local DJ. There will be no empty plate or glass on our all-inclusive standing reception. The open bar features champagne, multiple wine options soft drinks and much more. Everything that’s necessary for a great party.


Johann Strauss: Die Fledermaus(The Bat)– Overture


Johann Strauss: Die Fledermaus(The Bat) – Champagne Song

Lévai Enikő Éva, Bódi Barbara, Boncsér Gergely, Kádár Szabolcs, Ballett Ensemble

Franz Lehár: The Land of Smiles  – You are my heart’s delight („Dein ist mein ganzes Herz”)

Boncsér Gergely

Franz Lehár: The Merry Widow– Vilja Song

Lévai Enikő Éva

Emmerich Kálmán:The Czardas Queen– „Das ist die Liebe”

Bódi Barbara, Kádár Szabolcs

Franz Lehár: The Merry Widow – „Lippen schweigen”

Lévai Enikő Éva, Boncsér Gergely

Johann Strauss (jr.): „Tritsch-Tratsch“ Polka

Balett Ensemble

Giuseppe Verdi: La Traviata – Brindisi

Lévai Enikő Éva, Bódi Barbara, Boncsér Gergely, Kádár Szabolcs

Jules Massenet: Thais – Meditation


Franz Lehár: The Merry Widow– Grisette Song and Kan-Kan

Bódi Barbara, Ballett Ensemble



Franz Lehár: Eva-Walz

Ballett Ensemble

Emmerich Kálmán:The Czardas Queen – „Heia, heia, in den Bergen”

Lévai Enikő Éva, Ballett Ensemble

Emmerich Kálmán: The Czardas Queen – „Ganz ohne Weiber…”

Kádár Szabolcs, Ballett Ensemble

Emmerich Kálmán: The Czardas Queen– „Tanzen möcht’ ich”

Lévai Enikő Éva, Boncsér Gergely

Vittorio Monti: Czardas

Gypsy Band

A csitári hegyek alatt… (Hungarian Folksong)

Gypsy Band

Grigoraş Ionică Dinicu: The Nightingale

Gypsy Band

Jenő Huszka: Elisabeth – „Délibábos Hortobágyon”

Bódi Barbara, Kádár Szabolcs, Ballett Ensemble

Franz Lehár: Gipsy Love – „Hör´ ich Cymbalklänge”

Lévai Enikő Éva, Ballett Ensemble

Emmerich Kálmán: Countess Mariza – „Komm mit nach Varazdin”

Bódi Barbara, Kádár Szabolcs

Emmerich Kálmán: Countess Mariza – „Komm´ Zigan”

Boncsér Gergely

Emmerich Kálmán: The Czardas Queen– „Jajj mamam”

Lévai Enikő Éva, Bódi Barbara, Boncsér Gergely, Kádár Szabolcs

Ballett Ensemble


Dirigent: Werner Gábor

Concertmaster: Gabora Gyula

31 December

New Year’s Eve Gala Dinner menu:

Welcome drink


Cold appetizer
Layered goose-liver terrine with spinach and truffle served on a bed of salad and with truffle oil
Goose consommé with maces balls and julienne vegetables
Warm appetizer
Seafood paella
Strawberry sorbet with fresh mint
Main course
Red meat version
Beef tenderloin variations on a citrus reed stick with coriander-peanut dip and vinaigrette sauce, served with baby vegetables rolled up in bacon and potato au gratine
Poultry version
Grilled breast of guinea-fowl with coriander-peanut dip and vinaigrette sauce, served with baby vegetables rolled up in bacon and potato au gratine
Wild fruits and Cointreau-vanilla cream in a crispy chocolate core

Midnight menu:

Sour cabbage soup and homemade smoked sausage

Traditional lentils pottage with crispy roasted pork

As a vegetarian option, the lenses and pigs should be handled separately.

Vegetarian Menu

On the table:

Parmesan cheese butter, with chives and homemade bread

Cold appetizer:

Williams pear and blue cheese salad with raspberry vinegar dressing


Coriander lobster cream soup with chili tiger prawns

Warm appetite:

Grilled scamorsa cheese in homemade brioche with quince jam and fresh salad

Main course:

Green herbs marinated eggplant tower in spicy tomato sauce


Mascarpone cream with almond sponge and hot chocolate sauce


From 00:00 until 03:00

Sparkling wines

Törley Gala Sec dry champagne

Törley Charmant Doux sweet champagne

(Laposa Rizling, Konyári Rosé, Heimann Kékfrankos)

Staropamen Dark
Budapest beer
Steall Artois – alcohol free

Fruit juices (Rauch)
(orange, peach, apple)

Soft Drinks
(Coca Cola, Cola Zero, Fanta Orange, Kinley, Tonic)

Mineral waters
(NestleAquarel sparkling, NestleAquarel still)


Cocktails short drinks can be purchased from 6 EUR on the venue

  • Full night event (5 course gala dinner, 1st category concert seat, salon reception) – 163 EUR

Meeting time: 18:30 at Duna Palota ( H-1051, Budapest Zrínyi utca 5.)

Seating Map