5 Top-Rated Tourist Attractions In Budapest

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Often times called “The Paris Of Eastern Europe”, Budapest is the capital of Hungary and also one of the most important cultural cities in the region. It hosts a number of UNESCO World Heritage Sites and it is crossed by the River Danube as well as a large number of thermal springs used for therapeutic purposes since the dawn of time.

If this is your first time planning a trip here or you’ve visited Budapest in the past and you would like to come better prepared next time, you’ve reached the right place. Here is a brief introduction to five of the best-rated tourist attractions in the city.

#1: St. Stephen’s Basilicast stephen's basilica

The cathedral is one of the most popular tourist attractions in the city thanks to its mesmerizing panoramic views tourists can enjoy from the dome. The construction was dedicated to St. Stephen, the country’s holy king and also the founder of the Hungarian state and it was heavily damaged during World War II. Successful restoration helped architects bring back the lost charm of the amazingly decorated interior, including the Venetian mosaic in the sanctuary. The most important holy relic found inside the basilica is found beneath to the left of the high altar and it is represented by the mummified right hand of Saint Stephen. Tourists can test their endurance by climbing the 364 steps leading to the cupola or enjoy a quick elevator ride. The 360-degree panoramic view over the city and the Danube is a unique experience.

#2: Buda Castle

Castle Hill watches over the impressive Danube and it hosts a lot of the city’s medieval points of attraction. One of the most popular of them is the Buda Castle that was built in the is 18th century and which consists of no less than 200 rooms. Its purpose was to replace a 13th-century castle that was built as a means of protection against the Mongol and the Tartars. You can also visit the History Museum and the National Gallery found inside.

If you particularly love medieval lanes and Gothic or Baroque architecture, you will definitely enjoy visiting the area that is a UNESCO World Heritage site. If possible, stick around for a night stroll near the castle; you will enjoy a spectacular show of nightlights.

#3: Budapest Casinos

Kincsem Park is one of the most popular racecourses in Budapest. If you are a passionate punter or a curious gambler and you would like to check out the Hungarian horse-racing stage, you will find the surroundings pleasant and the overall experience fun and enjoyable. The park is located near the Arena Mall and the Keleti station and small children are welcome as well since there is a gorgeous playground nearby.

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#4: Budapest Caving Adventures

You could go a caving tour with a small group and crawl and climbs multilevel labyrinths. You will be provided with expert instruction and equipment as well as a professional guide. Get ready to make the most of the extensive Palvolgyi-Matyashegyi cave system that lays underneath the city during the 3-hour long tour.

#5: The Parliament Building And The Crown Jewelsbudapest parliament building

If you’ve already walked around the charming cobbled streets in Budapest, you must have noticed the parliament building along with the Museum of Ethnography. The Parliament in Budapest is the third-largest parliament building on the planet and its Neo-Gothic style is one of the most eye-catching of its elements. You will also have the opportunity to see the Crown Jewels up close if you’ll decide to visit the building.